Links - In May 1999 I searched 7 popular search engines for "engineering and design" and collected the top 50 hits from each. Many I have now moved to other pages. Here's the rest.

aircraft design links


aritificial intelligence in engineering design, magazine, titles but not the articles

Army, metric CMU blocks

Army, Picatinny engineering?


ASME Design Engineering mostly ASME society procedural

bentley Microstation CAD

bibliographies, NASA, many systems engineering

bibliography, user interface design

bioengr, prosthesis engr U Hartford

book Engineering Design & Automation

book, fire engineering U of Cantebury NZ

books engr & design

books ho hum 4 design books

BUBL UK index of engineering subjects

building construction materials, furnishings, Sweets

building design, sustainability urban designers, low energy

bulk solids handling, consultants

Cad tools used by ME's at CERN

Cal Tech Design Research

calculations on line, unit conversions

Calculations on-line First one I've found, also good links

career overview, engineering design & construction

CATV design software

CATV designers

cgi perl software scripts for engineering websites

chemical engineering journals, links

city dept public works richmond canada

civil & survey engineers

civil and all engineers, large projects, Indonesia

civil engineers, good serious site

civil engineers, pleasant site

civil engr firm South Carolina

Cleanroom designers

communications designers, installers

communications, broadband, magazine Cahners

company profile at ENR site

company profile at ENR site

company profile at Sweet's site

company, alternative power solar, wind, water

conference engineering design, Munich 1999

Construction info, McGraw Hill

consultant interesting structure but not filled out with content

consultants nice interface

consultants under construction



consultants, A&E, Otak

consultants, architects and engineers

consultants, CAD

Consultants, chemical engineering

consultants, control systems for entertainment industry

consultants, electric power, substations, transmission

consultants, electric utilities

consultants, good interface

consultants, integrated building systems fire, security, SCADA

consultants, nice home page

consultants, oil & gas, pipelines, production, facilities

consulting engineers

Corps of Engineers, WV

course description about zilch

course description industrial engr

course descriptions engineering design theory

course schedule almost nothing

data on-line, pumps, piping, liquid properties, steam

Design nice site, looking to build up more content

design co. Sherwood consumer product design

design references mid link of instruction, csu ohio


Designers & machining, fabricating

designers and manufacturers, thermal products, furnaces

designers, agricultural engr

designers, ASIC

designers, bulk material handling, powders Israel

Designers, circuit

designers, circuits & related

designers, developers, oil & gas

Designers, electronic

designers, electronic

designers, electronic

designers, electronic

designers, electronic

designers, electronic

Designers, electronic & related

designers, electronic, printed circuit r.e.

designers, electronics

designers, heavy equip for mfg and mining processing Australia

designers, IC

designers, large mechanical equipment

designers, machine

Designers, mechanical

designers, mechanical and electronic, links

designers, models of industrial in 3D CAD

designers, motion, servos

designers, product UK

designers, product, UK

designers, special purpose vehicles

designers, web sites & related

designers, web, some links

EE consultants, under construction

EE design, many links

electrical engineering consultants

electrical engineering educational materials by Hewlett Packard

electronic hardware development

electronics & web design

electronics design & mfg. Links

electronics, very large site

employment agency for engineers

Engineering Design links UK and US, a few

engineering design slide Nasa slide show

engineering design theory Society, Finland, books

engineering design theory theory of searching for it on web

engineering education materials

engineering magazines list, applications to subscribe

engineering professional development courses, impressive, U Wisc Madison

engineer's week, Feb 20-26, 2000

engr designs, kits, misc submarines, ultralights

Engr links, German

Environmental engineers

ergonomics, designers

Exhibit / Show, miscellaneous products

expert witness, product designers

File Not Found but tells you where you came from

fluid dynamics lab designers wind tunnels, etc., under construction

gas springs

General Contractor with design engineering Kores

Geosystems, college course, Excel downloads U Texas

gif line drawings loaded real fast

help wanted not much

individual engineer, interesting

individual's engineering site

individual's engineering site

individual's HVAC Plumbing Electrical good links and info

information resources for engineers

interface cards

library, U of Manitoba couldn't get it to find much engineering

link site



links and other, mechanical engineering, WWW Virtual Library, Stanford

links to engineering

links to engineering, about 4500 links, huge

links to good stuff start here cleanroom design

links, civil engineering

links, Staffordshire U, UK

Machining designers

Machining shop

manufacturer of stamped metal, Pyramid inside Thomas catalog

manufacturers of hand held transceivers

Manufacturing Marketplace magazine

Marine Corps Logistics Bases large

Mech Design resources, good links

mechanical engineers, consulting and manufacturing

model theoretical of solving engineering design

NASA, half commercialized, Tech Briefs note the .com, Engr, Design, Mfg

object oriented design

Ocean Engineering, college MIT

Optics, Optical, consultants

organization, national society of professional engineers

Packed Column Hydraulic calculation software

papers, list of 484 ASME

papers, long list

Printed Circuit Design magazine

product description failure prediction pcb's

product design, contract engineering

product design, mechanical

product design, plastics

product designers has slide show

Product designers

Product Designers

product designers

product designers

Product Designers & Contract Mfg., Medical

Product designers with machine shop

product designers, agricultural, air scrubber, refrigeration

product designers, electronic

Product Designers, enclosures for electronic products couldn't back out

product designers, facilities engrs great looking home page

Product designers, firmware, optical disks

product designers, good looking site except completed products not shown

Product designers, Lucent Technologies

product designers, Mechanical

product designers, Mechanical and Electrical

Product Designers, plastic injection molding

product designers, plastics

product developers

product developers, electronics, networks, optics

publications of individual at MIT, Engineering Design

search engine reviews and comparison

SEC filing Research Engineers, Inc.

Society of Women Engineers

software for sale, Civil, Mechanical Archon

software for software engineers

steelmaking, design Finland

structural engineering consultants

structural engineers

student project, pics u toronto

surveying, GPS, telecom field layout Texas

telecom designers Kovacs

telecom designers

Texas Instruments

the "-ware" list

tool designers

tool designing

trade show exhibitor list Pacific Design Engineering show

US Army Corps of Engineers interesting, many photos

user interfaces for software, designers

Utility Co., Florida Power, engr dept.

virtual conference, soft computing in Engr Design & Mfg

web design issues

web design, Sun Microsystems