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My web search for engineering and design returned a large number of COLLEGE related sites.

college North Carolina

college Odense Denmark

college U of Saskatchewan

college catalog not much

college catalog Bournemouth UK

college catalog, civil

college catalog, UC Davis

college course, Civil Engineering Systems, U Illinois Urbana-Champaign

college course, design a processor Georgia Tech

college course, machine design U New South Wales, Sydney

college course, Systems Engr Design, good past projects, many links, U Maryland

college courses Northwestern, EE

college courses, not much maricopa comm college

college group melbourne

college group, U of Bath, fluid power

college offering consultant service, Rice U not much

college work group

college, Architecture and Civil Engineering U of Westminster UK

college, aviation aerospace Embry-Riddle

college, Cal Tech

college, Carlton U

college, Chemical Engineering Chalmers Sweden

college, Chemical Engr Sweden

college, civil e, Clarkson

college, control & engineering design Denmark

college, design group U Wisc Madison

college, Design, U Mass Dartmouth

college, elec & computer engr, U Illinois

college, elec & computer engr, Virginia Tech

college, electrical engr, SUNY New Paltz, many engr links

college, engineering, Carleton, Canada

college, engineering, product design Central Lancaster UK

college, engr design & mfg, Hull UK

college, engr, Berkeley course descriptions

college, engr, Chico California

college, engr, U of Melborne extensive

college, human-computer interaction Cambridge UK

college, Illinois Institute Technology

college, Industrial Desiogn Engineering Delft Netherlands

college, ireland slow connect

college, Notre Dame

college, Stanford

college, systems engineering, Virginia Tech

college, Tech U of Denmark

college, U of Newcastle, very good links

colleges - US News & World search for engineering colleges

colleges, engineering, US list and profiles

colleges - US News & World search for engineering colleges