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Engineering News and Magazines-

Most current and/or my favorites-

SciQuest Sci Central, news in many scientific fields covered, and some engineering news
off site link
EurekAlert! several pages of very current science research, from the American Association for the Advancement of Science
off site link
chemical engineering magazine, McGraw Hill rich in homepage links, 5 click homepage

CNN science and technology news Daily / Continuous updating, rich links, 4 click homepage, emphasis on computer tech but some other coverage as well

Design News magazine, Cahners good, continuous updating, 4 click homepage

electronic component news, cahners good, monthly, maybe 6 new articles per month

electronics magazine, Cahners rich links, continuous updating?, maybe 4 new articles per month?

electronics, semiconductor news interesting format, nice look, articles on 20 click homepage, news, but, as of 3/5/01 the last update was 12/26/00

Engineering News Record, magazine Weekly / Continuous updating, covers the Construction industry, gives only a fraction of the printed version, but still very good site.

magazine publishers Cahners, many of interest to engineers you have to go through their homepage to get to their list of publications, worth looking at.

magazine science daily on-line continuously updated, lots of science, look for sidebox topics of your interest

manufacturing magazine, cahners continuous / daily updating, many articles, click to news / all stories

News - U Wisc "Scout Report" rich links, much random but current science / engineering news