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Engineering News and Magazines-

Other ones I've found, many good-

biomedical engineering news from Whittaker foundation, 1st class site, seems like several new articles a month. 5 click homepage

building construction engineering, consultant/specifyer, cahners monthly, requires $ to see articles, 2 click homepage

civil engineering magazine, news, monthly maybe 3 new articles per month

diesel and gas turbine magazines industry grabbag, several pages deep before getting to news

engineering articles from Popular Mechanics Archive of news, not new, unless you haven't seen it yet.

engineering education magazine Academic organization, monthly, I don't see this as a source of technical info.

engineering, general, magazine, UK not very rich last time I visited 7/31/99

environmental science & engineering magazine online version of previous printed isssue, bi-monthly, several new articles per issue

Global Design News magazine, Cahners semi-ads, featured products, links back to Design News

Machine Design magazine, tutorials Penton, very slow loading, maybe good content but I can't keep waiting.

magazine publishers McGraw Hill, many of interest to engineers too much forcing you to make selections to get to the info. But may be interesting.

magazine publishers Penton, many of interest to engineers

magazine, Artificial Intelligence for Engr Design no articles on-line, info for authors submitting articles, info about the magazine

magazine, Journal of Engineering Design the articles are not on-line, 4 click homepage

science magazine, no free news Join AAAS for $122 then add $12 to get Science magazine online, weekly?