Air Inlet Rotates Into the Wind or Toward the Wind
Air Outlet Rotates Away From the Wind

Another obvious idea but I don't find it after a brief search on the internet.

So much of our HVAC equipment, rooftop units, air handlers, use a fan and fan energy to force air throughout the HVAC ventilation system. We can keep all this equipment as is, but how about taking advantage of whatever wind is outdoors to pressurize the air inlet to the system, and depressurize the air outlet from the system. The fan motor would see less load. The same airflow and pressure would be achieved using less electricity.

As for the hardware, Air Outlets that rotate away from the wind have been around for a long time. I've seen them on industrial roofs. I can't find a photo, though. A simpler, smaller air outlet that rotates away from the wind is a chimney wind cap, easy to find a photo of one on the internet.
An air inlet that rotates into the wind would use a similar principle for design. 4/5/09

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