Angle Iron Calculator, Angle Iron Data

The first spreadsheet calculates I, S, r and other properties for the X, Y, Z and W axes for any Angle Iron dimensions you enter. I haven't found such a calculator anywhere so I wrote one.
Calculates Ix, Sx, rx, Iy, Sy, ry, Iz, Sz, rz, Iw, Sw, rw, moment of inertia, section modulus, radius of gyration, product of inertia, centroids, angle that the principal axis (axes) are rotated from the x-y axis (axes).

Angle Iron data calculator.xls

The next spreadsheet stores Angle Iron data, many that I have already entered, and you can enter your own. The real usefulness of it is that you can sort by properties however you want. Warning! I am not responsible for the data. For any application of importance, you are responsible to check the data for its accuracy.

Angle Iron Data.xls


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