Toggle Magnifier on and off and on.

Here is how to do it in Windows 7.

Activate or turn on Magnifier the normal way (right click on your screen/ click personalize / Ease of Access Center / Make the computer easier to see / Make things on the screen larger / Turn on Magnifier (check it).

You should now see the magnifier window. Also now you should see a Magnifier icon in your taskbar (bar at bottom of your screen).

Right click the Magnifier icon in the taskbar and click on Pin this program to your taskbar.

The Magnifier icon is now permanently in the taskbar unless you choose to remove it (right click it and click on unpin). And it will be there every time you boot up / log in.

Now. Whenever you want to see the Magnifier, click on the icon. To turn the Magnifier off, you must click the X on the Magnifier window.

Optional, if you do not want Magnifier coming on when you boot up / log in, you may now go back to the Ease of Access center and at Turn on Magnifier, uncheck it.

(I posted this because I could not find it elsewhere.)